Materials with low or variable emissivity like Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper and other non gray body materials are quite impossible to measure accurately using single or ratio wavelength Infrared Pyrometers.

AST A4-IN / A4-EX is a Multi-wavelength plug and play pyrometer use application specific data base derived from years of experience in real application. AST A4-IN / A4-EX use special algorithms to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of the surface.

AST A4-IN / A4-EX can hold multiple data base so that single instrument can be easily switched between multiple application like Molten metal, Extruded profiles, Rolled aluminium surface, Continuous casting, Aluminum billets, Slabs etc.

It has a laser pointer which is aligned in line with the detector so that it ensures both laser and detector looks in to the same spot. This helps precise aiming even in long distances.

AST A4-IN/A4-EX offer Bluetooth communication so that it can communicate with Android smart phones or laptop for viewing the measured temperature and for adjusting the parameters / selection of data base and data logging.


  • Simple to use - No calibration required

  • High accuracy - (1%) in real site conditions

  • Capable of measuring targets with variable emissivity

  • Measures through smoke, dust, water vapor etc.

  • Temperature range

    A4-IN: 350C to 670C; 400C to 850C; 450C to 1000C; 550 to 1270C

    A4-EX: 170C to 550C; 200C to650C; 250 870C, 300 to 1150C

  • Rugged design

  • Full range of accessories

  • Wide range of built-in functions

  • A4-SW Application software for PC

  • A4-SW A Mobile Application software for Android via Bluetooth


  • Aluminium Extrusion-Profiles & Billets

  • Aluminium Continuous Casting

  • Aluminium Rolling

  • Aluminium Forging

  • Molten Aluminium

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