Experience & Understanding

T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.p.A. is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the production of special vehicles and equipment for the production as well as primary and secondary  processing of Aluminium. Founded by a group of specialists in the sector, T.T. Tomorrow Technology is committed to understanding the goals and the challenge of Aluminium industry and to support and enhance the competitiveness of our customers.

Customer Oriented

Not all the customer¨ needs are the same, we know this well. Customization is a key element of our success. Every solution is unique and ensures maximum uptime performance and reliable operations. Our reference list proves our wide experience in the Aluminium Industry.


Our domain expertise and special vehicles knowledge offer proven products and solutions for maximizing the efficiency and the productivity of our Customer¨s plants.

Innovation & Environment care 

Our continuous research in product design and the careful choice of components from among those that are the most efficient and reliable, results in highly competitive vehicles and equipments in respect of quality, value and return of investments.  We take particular care about the environment aspect of our customer¨s plant and the safety and comfort of the operators as well.

Management & Service

Our services also include an extensive and modular training programs to teach the customers how to maintain the equipment and to peak the performance. Our after sale service includes an on line monitoring and assistance service to provide remote real time technical support and local maintenance service.



Multifunctional Furnace Tending Vehicles for charging, de-drossing, stirring and cleaning Aluminium furnaces.




Metal Tapping and Transport Vehicles




Multisized anodes slotting machine