Wagstaff MaxiCast™  Hot Top Billet Casting System,   Equipped with Wagstaff  AirSlip™  Casting Process


The Wagstaff MaxiCast™ Hot Top Billet Casting technology was conceived in the late 1970s in response to the industry¨s desire to maximize the production capabilities of existing and new direct chill (D.C.) casting machines.  This technology incorporated hot top, graphite lined, casting molds nested to give maximum mold densities. The Wagstaff AirSlip™ Air Casting process was introduced as an option in 1983 to provide a very smooth billet surface with minimum segregation. Previous authors have noted the advantages of these technologies compared to conventional casting systems. AirSlip™ billet is considered by the extrusion industry worldwide as the standard name of quality billet.



Wagstaff MaxiCast™  Hot Top Billet Casting System Figure:


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