Rex Materials Group (RMG) -  located in Michigan of USA, who has emerged as a world leader in helping customers solve their heat containment problems, specializing in developing and delivering products that solve specific customer needs utilizing our custom engineered high temperature material systems and refractory products. RMG materials include Pyrolite® ceramic fiber, FUSiO2NTM fused silica and PyroformTM refractory. Rex Materials has two manufacturing facilities along with a separate design, tooling and prototype center. We have a team of engineers, designers and material scientists ready to help you solve your heat dilemma. From high temperature insulation to molten metal handling systems to specialty heaters, we deliver solutions.



FUSiO2NTM fused silica

When your process calls for intricate preformed shapes (PFS) with excellent dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance, FUSiO2NTM fused silica shapes are the ones to choose.

PyroformTM HP refractory

Pyroform HP is a special blend of alumina silica ceramic fibers with a superior inorganic bonding system giving a unique combination of properties not available in any other refractory product.

Pyrolite® ceramic fiber

Vacuum-Formed ceramic fiber product.


Pyroform E-Z FillTM

Pyroform E-Z PourTM

Pyroform ExtenderTM

Pyroform SealerTM

Troughs and Launders

Launder Pre-heater

Control Pins & Spouts

Pour Basins

Pour Cones

Auto Dam

Ladles and Liners

FibeRex Ladles